Our Humble Beginnings

Excerpt from the tsikot.com postings of Moxxxs

Aftermath of the 1st TSCP EB – December, 29, 2007

As the first mini-eb was planned for Mitsubishi Strada owners, we didn’t know how many would join. Would it be a success or a flop?

 For me, as I have spearheaded this mini-eb I realized that regardless of the turnout, it would still be a success. Seven Strada owners arrived at the back parking lot of Metrowalk excited to see their fellow Strada owners and of course their rides.

 First to arrive was av8or5 (tsikot.com and mmph member). Soon after, wee_69 (tsikot.com and mmph registered). A few seconds after, ale828 (tsikot.com and mmph registered) arrives.4. ThePatriarch (tsikot.com and mmph registered)5. ooba99 (tsikot.com member)6. DonT (tsikot.com)7. Last to arrive was Moxxxs (tsikot.com and mmph member)

What transpired was a good conversation amongst the group sharing ideas, modification, and anything under the sun. The eb lasted for about 3 hours and three owners even extended to another group eb of MMPH.The people who attended this mini eb would have wanted a bigger turnout, but for me, seven Strada owners exceeded my expectations.

 Until the next gathering.


Aftermath of the 2nd TSCP EB – January 26, 2008

The 2nd STRADA EB was held in the vicinity of the Ortigas Home Depot, particularly in BBQ Boy/Chops area. It was supposed to start around 4PM but most of the guys met earlier at Big Bert’s/BrightMaster to have their rides washed/waxed in preparation for the eb. Av8or5, moxxxs, pauland, mikko_018, ThePatriarch, and eslonblue with his Pajero, convened at the car wash. Eslonblue’s Strada is yet to be delivered to him on February as the 2007 batch of Stradas were already sold out according to MMPC. The group inspected ThePatriarch’s mods, particularly his new leather seat cover and leather wrapped steering wheel, which were all tastefully done by SeatMate. Around 4:30 p.m. we proceeded to the venue. 

The early birds initially parked their Stradas at the side of the Ortigas Home Depot and in front of BBQ Boy/Chops. They were later joined by Boybit and his daughter, then Mehealator with Sir Fernan. The guys inspected Boybit’s ride which contained numerous mods, one of which is the booming subwoofer he installed at the back of the second row seats. The subwoofer and its ported box fit snuggly at the back of the seat. It produced a high quality sound together with the two-way Infinity separates installed at the front and a single DIN Pioneer HU. When asked as to who installed his audio set-up, Boybit answered that it was all DIY. Galing!

When Mehealator arrived, we were all in awe. We all new that a roller up cover for the Strada’s bed was next to impossible/not yet available in the market. But Mehealator’s Strada proved us all wrong. It came with a roller up cover and a roll bar. We were all impressed as the guys inspected every nook and cranny of the set-up. Gold Cars Banawe custom fitted the roll-up for Mehealator’s Strada to perfectly fit the roll bar previously installed by Carryboy. Nice! 

 Then came our beloved moderator from tsikot.com, Sir Drey. He ogled at the site of the Stradas lined up beside each other. He showed us the tsikot.com stickers. Those with moolah to spend bought the stickers, others, maybe next time. Soon, ooba99, our most respected member, came and joined the group with his silver 3.2 GLS S. Finally, we got a glimpse of his Strada since he was not able to bring it during the last eb.

 The group had their first set of photo ops at the parking lot in front of Jay-J’s. We came prepared this time as both mehealator and pauland volunteered to bring their DSLRs. By the looks of our photos, I bet these guys are pros. During the said picture taking, Mr. Icasiano of Diamond Motors Valle Verde dropped by and offered their continuing support to the group. Apparently, they have been monitoring the Strada thread and decided to be part of our eb and other activities in the future. Lurker sphinx1228 also dropped by and saw the line-up of the Stradas. I bet he is now convinced to get one rather than getting a Navara. We were later joined in the photo ops by lightyear and docglen. The two red stradas arrived almost simultaneously before dark. Lightyear brought his brand new strada to know more about the turbo timer. Unfortunately, his strada doesn’t have one since it belonged to the recent batch without a turbo-timer. We advised him though that the module for the turbo timer and other features can be installed free of charge at Winterpine in Araneta Ave. Of course, who would forget docglen and his red strada riding loftily in its American Racing chrome rims with huge Mickey Thompson mud tires. 

The group went back to BBQ Boy after the photo ops and formally discussed the agenda for the eb. Due to the lack of wi-fi connection at the venue, we were not able to provide a simultaneous virtual eb for those who were not able to attend but are on-line at that moment. Attendance sheet and Info sheets were distributed to all those present. Ale828 arrived just in time with his trusted Silver Strada. Club Officers were nominated and elected while the SEC registration was discussed but not yet implemented due to insufficient number of members and funds. Av8or5 was elected President, yours trully was elected VP-internal, ThePatriarch was elected VP-external and ex-officio Treasurer, Pauland was elected as Secretary. The group also brainstormed as to how the group will be aptly named. For now, they all agreed to call it The Strada Club of the Philippines. Numerous suggestions for the future of the club as well as suggested future activities were also discussed over buckets and buckets of SML with Bicol Express and Sisig as appetizer (c/o ThePatriarch and ooba99).

The group decided to have a second set of photo ops at the parking lot in front of the home depot and bbq boy. Katrina Halili passed by and moved her white Toyota Fortuner, which was blocking the line up of Stradas. Unfortunately, we all got tongue tied and failed to ask her if she would like to join our photo ops. Too bad. Maybe next time.

Afterwards, the group decided to finish the remaining booze and called it a night. Last to leave the venue were ThePatriarch, ooba99, mikko_018, drey and moxxxs. The EB lasted for almost seven (7) hours as the number of attendees doubled. 

To the BOSB, until the next gathering.

Source: http://tsikot.com/forums/strada-club-philippines-119/strada-club-philippines-%5Barchived%5D-46623/

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